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SJM Logistics, LLC

SJM Logistics, LLC, is your go-to partner for courier, trucking, and logistics services in all of New England. When you need an important package delivered or picked up, you should always have a reliable and safe courier you can rely on.

How Is A Courier Service Different From The Mail?

Although each service ultimately does the same thing — item delivery — there are a few key differences.


Both the mail service and courier service are quite reliable, but the mail service can occasionally lose your package. A courier service makes safe, dependable delivery a top priority.


With some mailed packages, you may have to go to the post office to pick them up. However, with a courier service, we go to your business to both pick-ups and deliver your package.


The costs between mail services and courier services are not as wide as they once were. When you want convenience and reliability, a courier service is a way to go, and we are here to make it easy for you.

How Can SJM Logistics Help My Business?

  • We are known for our excellent services and meeting all of your delivery schedules
  • We can pick-up anything from small envelopes to large pallets
  • We are familiar with packaging and distributing packages for many industries, including financial, food, and medical
  • We offer same-day or scheduled deliveries throughout New England
  • We provide short-term warehouse storage if you can't pick up your delivery right away
  • Your complete satisfaction is our #1 goal

We offer storage and warehousing services.